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We will shortly be retiring both MT3 and BBSchedule, so we are not accepting any new Registrations or Subscriptions.

Current Subscriptions will run until run until their scheduled expiry, but Subscription renewals will no longer be available.

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What's new in MT3?

Lots! ... watch the video!

Clickable Line Graphs for all Betfair Markets:
With MT3 you can now submit Bets in the most intuitive way, simply by Clicking on a Runner's name on the Line Graph.

Simply choose which mouse-button submits Backs and which Lays and your Bets will be submitted at the click of your mouse.

Matched and Unmatched Bets, Profit and Loss projections and GreenUp/RedUp options are all displayed on the Interface, and, if you choose Manual Greening, you can submit Green (or Red!) bets, again, direct from the Graph at the click of a Button.

You can also choose to Red or Green your Bets automatically, but, with the option of a manual Override.

Ideal for pre-Inplay Horse Racing and InPlay for relatively slow-moving Markets like Football, Cricket, Motor Sport and even Financials.


Clickable Bar Graphs for all Markets:
Submit Bets, Hedge, GreenUp, RedUp, all by a single click of any Runner's name on the Graph!

Anyone who has watched the InRunning Graphs on MTPro will know that, once InPlay, some Markets, particularly Horse racing, move very rapidly and, often, erratically ... far too confusing to safely submit Bets via the LineGraph.

So, aimed specifically at the InRunning Player, Bar Graphs have all the functionality of Line Graphs, submitting Bets, Greening / Redding, both Automatic and Manual, but are safe to use even in the fastest-moving Markets because the Bar Graphs retain their vertical position whatever the current Price of the Runner.

The colored bar represent the relative positions of the Runners in the Market, so you can see, at a glance what's being Backed and what's not!.

Your Mouse shares the same settings (Left for Back, Right for Lay or whatever you choose) as the Line Graph, you can click on any portion of the Runner's Bar to submit your Bets, or Click the Runner's manual Green / Red Button to GreenUp.

Your Matched/Unmatched Bets, and Betting, GreenUp/RedUp settings are all shared with the Line Graph, so, for example you might submit a pre-InPlay Bet on the Line Graph but use the Bar Graph to GreenUp InPlay.

You can swap between Line and Bar Graphs seamlessly with one click of a Button in the shared Header panel.

Single Trackers for every Runner in Every Market:
Graphs, 'Traditional' Betting buttons and Ladders + automated and/or manual Greening / Redding..

If you already know which Runners you intend to Back or Lay, or you're comfortable with Ladders and Betfair-style Back and lay Buttons, then Single Trackers are for you.

There's a Single Tracker ready and waiting to do it's stuff whenever you click on a Runner's name or it's Silks in the Runners panel on the Line Graph Interface.

Like the two Graph Modes, single Trackers share the Records of your bets, both Matched and UnMatched and their Profit/Loss, so if you've already Backed or Layed a Runner on one of the Graph Modes, those Bets will appear on it's Single Tracker and its Ladder (if the Bets are unMatched).

The only thing that Single Trackers don't share with the GraphModes are your preSet Stakes and Greening options, since you will most likely wish to set them individually for different Runners.


Traditional Button Interface for Every Market:
If you're a real traditionalist and prefer the Betfair Website's customary bet buttons then the Button Interface is for you:

To select the Button Interface, simply click its Button in the Header.

Essentially, using the Button Interface is the same as using the Betfair website: Select your Stake, click a Runner's back or Lay Button to submit a Bet, it's as simple as that.

BUT MT3's button Interface has all of the speed (up to 5 refreshes per sec) and Greening/Redding functionality of the Line Graphs and Bar Graphs and that functionality is fully reflected on those Graphs, so, if you submit a Bet from the Button Interface it shows on, and can be Greened up from the Graph Interfaces, and Bets submitted from the Graphs will show on the Button Interface.

Defaults for automatic Greening / Redding are applied to Bets on the Button Interface, and, if you wish you can GreenUp /RedUp manually at any time by clicking the Green / Red button.

If you need additional information and/or a betting Ladder for any Runner, then simply click on its name (or colors if they're available) to open a Single Tracker for that Runner:

each Mode shares the same configurable Automatic and / or Manual Hedging/Greening/Redding functionality:
More about Automated Greening / Redding

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