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The formula that the Calculator uses is explained here.

Arbitrage Stakes Calculator
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Sometimes you may not wish to precisely Equalise your Profits ... for example, if you're 90% certain the Horse will win or 90% sure your team will lose!

In that case you can use our Slider to calculate how much you should Stake to, at least, cover your Liabilty, while risking an appropriate percentage of your potential Profit::

  1. Enter your Original Stake, the Back Odds and the Lay Odds.
  2. Choose whether you have already Backed and now wish to Lay or already Layed and now wish to Back.
  3. Click on and move the Slider's pointer.
  4. The output shows what your Stake should be to either cover only your Liability, or your Liability and all of your Potential Profit, or any percentage in between.
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