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Our new API-NG betting and trading application, MT3 is now available.

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MT3 is designed specifically for Betfair's new API, API-NG, and has now been Security Certified by Betfair.

You can find full details of MT3 and its functionality here.

  • One-Click Betting direct from the Graphs:
    Bets can be submitted in the most intuitive way: simply by clicking on Runners' names on Line Graphs and bar Graphs. whilst Single Trackers allow Betting via traditional Bet Buttons and Price Ladders.

  • 3 ways to View the Markets:
    • Line Graphs: Ideal for Monitoring Markets over Time, line graphs present the last 1000 market updates for any Betfair event, and you can submit your Bets, GeenUp and Red Up direct from the Graph.
    • Bar Graphs: Specifically designed for fast-moving InPlay Markets like Horse Racing, Bar Graphs let you see what's being Backed and what's not and submit your Bets direct from the Graph.
    • Single Trackers: Get a close-up view of how Runners are performing in the market and submit your Bets via traditional Betting Buttons and Price Ladders.

  • Automated GreenUp / RedUp:
    Trading, GreeningUp and ReddingUp can be Automated, with preSet parameters.

  • Manual GreenUp / RedUp:
    You can choose to Trade manually, via 'GreenUp' Buttons which are available on all three Interfaces, or you can enable both Automated and Manual trading to operate simultaneously, with a Manual overrride.

  • Test / Simulation Mode:
    MT3 has a fully representative Test mode where you can try out your various betting strategies and familiarise yourself with the interfaces without risking your Betfair balance.

  • All Betfair Exchange Markets:
    Horse Racing, Football, Financials, whatever your interest, MT3 operates on all Betfair Exchange markets.

  • Configurable:
    Stakes, trading preferences, Graph scales and layouts, menu options are all configurable via an intuitive Defaults panel.

  • Free 14 day Trial:
    Start your Free 14 Day Trial by Registering with us and getting your Application Susbcription Token via your Members Homepage.

  • Subscribe for as little as £2!
    Once you've taken your Free Trial you can subscribe to MT3 for periods as short as 3 Days ... ideal for the weekends, through 7 Days ... perfect for the big Festivals and Tournaments like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot and Wimbledon, or you can take a 3 month, 6 month or 1 Year subscription a much lower rates:

    • 3 Days ... £2
    • 7 Days ... £4
    • 1 Month ... £7
    • 3 Months ... £20
    • 6 Months ... £40
    • 12 Months ... £70
  BBSchedule is Here

BBSchedule allows you to 'set-and-forget' your Bets on all UK and Irsh Horse racing for both the Win and Place Markets: