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Not every Horse Racing fan wants to spend all afternoon staring at a monitor waiting for the Races to start.
Some of us even have to work!

If that describes you, then BBSchedule is what you need:
Download BBSchedule

Designed specifically for Betfair's new API, API-NG, BBSchedule lets you schedule Bets an any UK or Irish Horse Race:
Pricing and Subscriptions
  • Free 14 day Trial:
    Start your Free 14 Day Trial by Registering with us and getting your Application Susbcription Token via your Members Homepage.

  • Subscribe for only £20 per year!
    Once you've taken your Free Trial you can subscribe to BBSchedule for just £20 per year.

    Your annual subscription will give you access to free downloads of any up upgrades that we may make to BBSchedule from time to time.

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